The Quill – Newsletter

The Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd produces a monthly newsletter called ”The Quill”.  This newsletter will help to keep one informed on all the events, schedules, activities, celebrations, and programs of the church.

Please feel free to download the latest version of The Quill by clicking on the below link:

2018 October



2018 August



2018 May





QUILL Dec 2017

QUILL Nov. 2017

QUILL October 2017

QUILL September 2017

QUILL August 2017
QUILL July 2017
QUILL June 2017
QUILL May 2017
QUILL April 2017

Please NOTE:
In order to view The Quill you will need to have Adobe Reader Installed.  If you Do not have Adobe Reader installed or you want the newest version, please click the provided link and install the version that you need that best fits your Operating System.

Free Adobe Reader This will take you to Adobe’s website so you can install the version you need, this is a free utility.

After you verify you have installed Adobe Reader or already have Adobe Reader installed, please click the link below to take you to The Quill.

Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd (LCMS)

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The Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd.
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